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Our Director Says......                    

Without supporting the acquisition of knowledge for its own sake, our options become dangerously limited. We will live in an age of continued darkness, unable to distinguish the shadow of the uncertain, from the veil of the unknown. And, it is from this that we can assess the true power of a good education. If nothing else, it enables us to pull aside that veil, to caste a light upon the morass of ignorance. I am personally and professionally committed to this vision, and I have every reason to believe that this is a achievable objective. Since institution’s education need not interfere with life’s education, knowledge should be revered. While learning is a skill, education is unto oneself. 

What shape the educational institutions of the future will take is amorphous, but most educators and observers agree that the future educational institutions will go electronic. Computers will become an essential ingredient in the recipe for an effective educational institution of the future. Students will see and hear teachers on computers, with "remote learning" - the trend of tomorrow. Accessing "classrooms" on their home computers, students will learn at times most convenient for them. Yet some attendance at an actual educational institution will be required to help students develop appropriate social skills. The students will use multimedia computers, printers, CD-ROMs, laserdiscs, VCRs, video editing machines, cable television, online services, and telephones - simple but effective research tools.

 The main goal working towards future educational institutions involve the creation and maintenance of educational system that improves by selecting the most effective teaching practices. The mission will be to:

  ˇ identify the most effective teaching approaches, techniques, and ideologies,

  ˇ      encourage innovations and their adaptation to specific circumstances,

  ˇ      Assist the creation of a community of parents & teachers who support each other in improving educational institutions.

 And working towards future schools will contribute to the creation of model educational institutions which will stand for:

  ˇ      "equity and excellence,"

  ˇ      teaching of basic skills combined with creative problem-solving,

  ˇ      respect for individual values as well as diversity,

  ˇ      Preparation for democracy as well as a world economy.

Whatever the configuration of a educational institution of the future will be, technologies will always a huge part of it. The educational institution days when computers meant word processing or playing games are already behind us. Yet no matter how great part computers and other technologies play in the educational institution of the future, it will only a means to the greater end of enabling students to learn through interaction with various aspects of life.

 With my best wishes,

                                                     JAGJIT SINGH - Director

                                                         MODERN  GROUP OF INSTITUTIONS

Cell : +91-92162-41301

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