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a)   In Punjab, 85% seats will be reserved for the Candidates from within the State and 15% will be open to candidates of other States/U.Ts on All India basis. The eligibility criteria for 85% seats will be that the candidate must be a resident of Punjab State in terms of Punjab Government, Department of Personnel and Administrative Reforms (PP-11 Br.) Letter No. 1/3/95-3PP-11/96 19, dated the 6th June, 1996 and letter No. 1/3/95-3PP-11/80, dated 1st January, 1999 or have passed 10+1 and 10+2 examination as a regular candidate from a recognized institute situated in Punjab. However, wards of Defence Personnel posted in Punjab are exempted from this condition to the extent that they should have passed qualifying examination i.e. 10+2 from a recognized institution situated in Punjab. Each candidate would be required to submit a certificate to this effect from the Principal/ Head of Institute last attended in the prescribed proforma.

(b)   If a sufficient number of candidates belonging to reserved category(ies) is not available, the vacant seats will be offered to candidates in open category. Likewise, if seats under 85% state categories remain vacant, these would be transferred to 15% all India category and vice-versa.

(c)   The above Clause No.6(a) regarding resident of Punjab State shall not be applicable to the following categories of candidates :-

       (i) Children, wards and dependents of Punjab Government employees and employees of Boards/ Corporations/Statutory Bodies/Companies/ Co-operative Society set up or owned or controlled by the Punjab Government including those established by or under an Act of the State of Punjab or a Central Act, by the Punjab government, posted within or outside the State of Punjab

       (ii) Children, wards and dependents of members of All India Services born on Punjab Cadre, irrespective of where the office is posted, This shall also include children, wards and dependents of members of All India Services borne on cadres other than that of Punjab provided the said officer is on deputation with Punjab Government or any of its Boards, Corporations, Statutory Bodies, Companies, Co-operative Societies irrespective of his place of posting.

       (iii) Children, wards and dependents of the Central Government employees who have served for at least two years in connection with the affairs of the Punjab Government or any of its Boards, Corporations, Statutory Bodies, Companies, Co-operative Societies out of 5 years preceding the year of counselling.

       (iv) Children, wards and dependents of the Punjab Government pensioners settled outside Punjab.

       (v) Children, wards and dependents of military/para military forces personnel belonging to the State of Punjab as per record at the time of their entry in service (A certificate on prescribed Proforma by the Commanding Officers of the Unit to be furnished) and

       (vi) Children, wards and dependents of the ex-employees of military & para military forces personnel belonging to the State of Punjab as per record at the time of their entry into service.

(d)   The guidelines issued for the grant of residence certificate/ bonafide resident of Punjab by the Department of Personnel and Administrative Reforms (PP-2 Branch) vide No. 1/3/95-3PP-2/96 19, dated the 6th June, 1996 I.D No. 1/2/96-3PP-2/8976, dated 7th July, 1998 and No. 1/3/95-3PP-2/80 dated the 1st January, 1999 and further instructions, issued by the Department, if any, will be adhered to in letter and spirit while making admission.

(e)   Supernumerary seats exclusively for the Kashmiri migrant students who are temporarily residing in the Punjab State will be created for the year 2010-11, in terms of letter D.O No. F 10-1/2002-Desk (U) dated 13-03-2003 of Ministry of Human Resources Development , Government of India, New Delhi subject to condition that they will have to submit proof of their being Kashmiri migrants, and further :-

       (i) Increase in intake capacity up to 5%.

       (ii) Waiving of domicile (residence) requirement.

Reservation of Seats

For the State of Punjab




% age of

seats to be



Scheduled Caste/Scheduled Tribe



Backward Classes



Border Areas/Backward Area (2 %each)






Children/Grand Children of Freedom Fighters



• Disabled persons



a) Blind



b) Deaf & Dumb



c) Other Handicapped

1 %


(If suitable candidates are not available in any one of these sub- categories, the seats so available will be filled up by the candidates from the other sub categories of disabled candidates and if they are not available in any sub- category, then seats shall be filled up from general/open category candidates).


a) Wards/widows of defense personnel killed or disabled to the extent of 50% or more in action; Wards of gallantry awardees of serving defence personnel/ex-servicemen (1%)

b) Wards of ex-servicemen/serving personnel. (1%)

Note: If any seat (s) remains vacant from (a) or (b) category the same can be filled up by way of interchangeability also.



a) Wards/widows of para-military forces personnel Punjab Police, PAP and Punjab Home Guards killed or disabled in action to the extent of 50% or more. (1%)

b) wards of Para-military forces personnel/ ex-paramilitary forces personnel and Punjab Police/PAP/Punjab Home guards personnel decorated with Gallantry Medals (1%)

Note: If any seat (s) remains vacant from (a) or (b) category the same can be filled up by way of interchangeability also.



November, 1984 riots affected displaced persons, children of the Army deserters killed, 100% Physically disabled; children of the families of persons killed as a result of terrorist violence or by security forces acting in aid of civil authorities and the children of innocent civilians who have sustained 100% disability in terrorist violence or during operation by security forces action in aid of civil authorities.



Widows/Divorced Women.



Ex-Servicemen/ Women



Wards/Children of all ex-servicemen settlers of Cambell Bay Island of Andaman Nicobar Only.



Note: - The candidates being admitted under 15% quota on All India basis shall be eligible only for reservation provided by the Constitution i.e. 25% for SCs/STs and 5% for B.Cs


a)    i)          **Candidates with at least 50 % marks either in the Bachelor’s Degree and/or in the Master’s degree or any other qualification declared equivalent thereto, are eligible for admission to the programme. Any candidate with 49.99% or less marks would not be eligible.

       ii)  **The reservation for SC/ST/OBC and other categories shall be as per the rules of the Central Government/State Government, whichever is applicable. There shall be a relaxation of 5 % marks in favour of SC/ST/OBC and other categories of candidates. Candidate with 44.99% marks or less would not be eligible.

       ** Added vide Para 3.2 of Appendix IV of N.C.T.E. Notification No. F-51F1/2007-N.C.T.E (N&S) dated 27-11-2007.

            Provided that such minimum qualifying marks shall not automatically entitle a candidate to get admission in an institution but only entitle the candidate concerned to fulfil other institutional criteria notified by the institution concerned or by the Government concerned from time to tome to apply for admission.

b)    Candidate must have studied the major subject of the subject combination for at least three years at Bachelor’s level/Master’s level. Honours students shall opt for major subject in which they have obtained Honours the minor subject should have been studied at least for one year.

c)     Candidates, who have appeared for the qualifying examination / Compartment cases, if their results are declared before closing date of registration, shall be considered.

d)       In case of students who have done Honors’ in languages such as Hindi, Punjabi and English, the major subject will be language. Such candidates would be allotted minor subject by the college on the basis of other courses studied by the candidate. In case of such candidates language will not be a minor subject.


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